I have been approved to purchase TD Snap Enterprise, now what?

juin 14, 2024

Please follow the steps below if your business or school has been approved to purchase TD Snap Enterprise.

  1. In your Apple Business or School account, log in as a content manager, admin, or school manager that is allowed to buy content.  
  2. Select Apps and Books on the side bar
  3. Select View Store
  4. Select the Custom Apps tab.  
  5. You should see an option for TD Snap Enterprise in the Custom Apps tab

  • TD Snap Enterprise was not purchasable prior to May 21st, 2024. 
  • TD Snap Enterprise is a bundle and NOT the same a TD Snap AAC
  • TD Snap Enterprise will only show for those business or school accounts that have been approved
  • Previously purchased TD Snap AAC licenses will NOT show up under TD Snap Enterprise