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Using the action editor to add or change actions on your activities

octobre 01, 2018

You will usually use an Activity Starter Template to create activities that have already been programmed with actions, but occasionally you may want to add actions to a button or buttons yourself. 

Create Activities

From your Home Page, Select Create Activities.

Create Activity From... New blank activity
Select New Blank Activity
The Online Editor will open with a new blank page. 

Button Tool

Select the Button Tool and then click on your work space and a button will appear.
Resize and /or reposition the button as you like.

Spray tool

Select the Spray tool and click on your button and drag to create a grid of buttons.
Helpful hint:  The easiest way to fill buttons is to use Edit in Place
To place labels and symbols in the buttons with Edit in Place:

  • Click on a button
  • Using your computer keyboard, type in a label.
  • Select enter on your keyboard.

List of symbols
Click on the symbol you want.
Select the Select button.
Helpful hint: You can also place digital images from the web in your buttons. Just select the Web Search Tab at the top of the Symbols panel and enter your search term.
Repeat Edit in Place to put symbols and labels in all of your buttons.

Online edition

To add actions to your activity, first select the buttons.
With the buttons selected, the Properties Panel will be visible on the right. 

Online edition

Select Edit Actions from the Properties Panel.
The Action Editor will open.

Action editor for: 8 items

Select the action you want from the list.  The action will then be seen in yellow on the table. The Speak Label action allows the buttons to speak when selected when the activity is being played.
Select Save.
Helpful Hint: You must be in Play mode to test out your page.

Online editor
Select Save and name and save your activity.
Helpful Hint: 
You may also add or edit an action on a button by double-clicking on that button when you are in the Online Editor.  The Action Editor will open and you may then select the action you want.
Some actions require additional information from you.
When that is the case, you will be prompted to provide the information when you select the action.

Action Editor for: button

For example, Speak Text is an action that speaks a message that is different than the button label.
When I select Speak Text from the list of actions, I am prompted to type the message that I want to be spoken.

Open page

Open Page is an action that navigates to another page in your activity.  When the Open Page action is selected, a panel opens showing all of the pages in the activity. Select the destination page, and select OK.

Play recording

Helpful Hint:  Less common actions may not appear in the list of actions.  You may type into the search box to search for an action that you do not see in the list.