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Working with freeform buttons

octobre 01, 2018

Please note this article only applies to Personal, Professional, and District subscription accounts.

Use the Freeform Button tool to draw buttons of any shape. You can create buttons with unique shapes, or you can draw polygonal buttons and buttons having both straight and freeform sides.

Draw a Freeform Button

  1. Select the Freeform Button tool in the Toolbar. 
     Freeform Button tool
  2. Select the location on the page where you  want to place the button.
  3. Hold down the mouse button, and drag around the page until the button is the shape you want.
  4. Release the mouse button to automatically close off the button with a straight line between the current mouse position and the point where you started drawing the button.
    • To draw a polygonal button: Select the Freeform Button tool in the Toolbar. Move the pointer onto the page, hold down the Ctrl key, and click to set the button corner. Continue holding down the Ctrl  key, and click again to set each corner of the polygon. Release the Ctrl key when the polygon is the desired shape.
    • To draw a freeform button with both straight and freeform sides: Select the Free Form Button Tool in the Toolbar. Move the pointer onto the page, hold down the Ctrl  key, and draw the first side straight of the polygon. Continue holding down the Ctrl key, and click again to set the next corner of the polygon (if desired). Release the Ctrl key and drag around to complete the freeform portion of the button. Release the mouse button when the button is the desired shape.
  5. Once you have drawn the freeform button, you can resize it or move it:
    • To resize the freeform button, move the pointer over any edge or corner of the selected button until the double arrow appears. Click and drag the edge or corner until the freeform button is the size and shape you want. (To maintain the shape of the button, hold down the Shift key while you are dragging.)
    • To move the button, select it, then drag it to any position on the page.


Freeform Button Properties

Use the Properties panel to assign or edit the properties of a freeform button. The Properties panel for freeform buttons is identical to that of the standard button  Properties panel, and the properties of a freeform button (label, symbol, fill color, border, font and font size) are defined in the same manner as the properties of a standard button.

See the article, Working with Buttons for step-by-step instructions for editing the properties of a freeform button.