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Working with symbols

octobre 01, 2018

Symbols are the foundation of Boardmaker Online, and this tutorial will help you search for symbols within your PCS libraries, incorporate visual images from the web, and use those symbols and images in the boards and activities you create.

Manage your Symbol Libraries
User Settings in the Online Editor allow you to manage which Picture Communication Symbol Libraries are available to you in your Boardmaker Online account.
  • From the Homepage, select Create Activities.
Create Activities
  • The Online Editor will open.
  • Select New Blank Activity
Create Activity From... New blank activity
  • Select File, and then User Settings from the dropdown menu
File, User settings
  • Select the Symbol and Language Tab
User Settings. Symbol Libraries
  • Scroll through the list of PCS libraries and make sure that all that you want access to are checked.
  • Choose to hide or access explicit symbols.
  • Use the Drop Down Menus within Symbol Presentation Order to set preferences for form, gender, skin color, and age.
NOTE: All of the symbol libraries that you have checked above will still be available; these preferences only influence the order that symbols are presented.
  • Select Submit.
  • Exit the Online Editor by selecting the close button in the upper right hand corner.

Collect your own digital images in your My Media file.
You have a My Media tab within My Boardmaker. You can upload and store digital images (as well as video and sound files) here for easy access.
  • From the Homepage, select My Boardmaker.
  • Select My Media.
My Boardmaker
  • Select Upload File.
  • Select Browse to locate the desired image file from your computer.
  • Select the image that you want, and then Open.
  • The image will upload.
  • Give the image a name by typing in the text box.
Hint: You will need the name to retrieve the file so name it thoughtfully.
  • Select Save.

Place a Symbol in a Button
The easiest way to put labels and symbols into buttons is through the process called Edit in Place. This is true whether creating from scratch or using a template to create boards and activities.
  • Begin by selecting the button by placing your cursor within the button and clicking.
  • With the button selected, use your keyboard to type the label you want in the button.
Online editing
  • Select Enter on your keyboard.
  • The Symbol Selection Panel will open. The Symbols tab is the default, and you will see a number of PCS symbols to choose.
Symbol list
  • Select the symbol you want by clicking on it, and click Select. The image will be placed in the button.
  • Repeat the process to fill all the buttons.

If you want to use a symbol from your My Media file for the button:
  • Select the My Media Tab. Any images that you have uploaded with the label will appear.
My media

If you want to choose an image from a web search:
  • Select the Web Search tab on the Symbol Selection Panel. Type in your search term and click Enter on your keyboard.

Web search

Putting Two or More Symbols in a Button
You may want to put more than one symbol into a button. A Group Button can accommodate multiple symbols.

To change a Standard Button to a Group Button:
  • Select the button, and then select Group from the Button Type menu in the Properties Panel.
Online editing
  • Select the Symbols Tab on the Properties Panel.
  • Type your search into the search box and Enter. Your symbol choices will appear.
  • Click and drag the symbol you want into the Group Button.
  • You can resize the symbol by clicking on it, positioning your cursor at a corner, and dragging.

Note: If you don't want the individual labels to appear in your Group button, select the Properties Tab on the Properties Panel and then Symbol Only from the Symbol menu.
  • Repeat to add additional symbols to the Group Button.
  • Add a label to the Group Button by Selecting the Label Tool in the toolbar, then clicking in the button. Type the label you want in the box and resize if desired.

Text tool

Tip: You can also use a group button to place a symbol on top of another symbol. You may want to create a button with a symbol indicating No Running, for example.

No running. With symbol