How do I add remote control (IR) commands to Communicator 5?

août 25, 2017

**Use this article onlyif you do not plan on using any of the pre-made Remote Control pagesets that come with Communicator 5.  The pre-made Remote Control pagesets can be found by entering All Page Sets, select Text Communication, choose the down arrow, and select IR Remote Controls.

Before setting up a remote control in Communicator 5 you may want to store all of your IR commands to make it easier to back them up and to make programming your pages a little easier.

  1. Right click, press CTRL + M, or if using a touchscreen you could use a prolonged touch to open the Quick Menu.  (On an I-Series press the third button on the left side of the device.)Quick Menu
  2. Select Advanced Settings
  3. Choose the System tabSystem Tab in Advanced Settings
  4. Select My IR Remote Controls
  5. A message may appear stating "There are currently no IR Units configured.  Do you want to configure IR hardware settings now?"  If you do not see this message you may skip to step 10.  Otherwise select Yes.
  6. Choose Add...
  7. A new window will open titled IR Unit.  Under Type select the IR unit you are using.  If you are using a Tobii EyeR, select HBG.
  8. Choose Search... and the software will find your IR Unit.  Hit OK once the IR Unit has been found.
  9. Hit OK again to close out of the IR Units window.
  10. Select Add Remote Control...
  11. Give your remote control a name (such as Living Room TV or DVD Player) and choose OK.
  12. Select Add Command...
  13. Give the command a name (such as Volume Up, Power, or Channel Down) and then select Record.
  14. Follow the instructions provided on your screen.  The instructions will be different depending on what device you are using (whether it be an PC, I-Series, EyeMobile Plus, I-110, etc.).
  15. Choose OK from the Edit IR Command window.
  16. Follow steps 12-15 for each button you wish to program.  You can now use these commands in your own custom remote control pageset.
As previously stated above, use these steps ONLYif you do not plan on using any of the pre-made remote control page sets.