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How do I Double Click to Install or pay when using TD Pilot?

novembre 22, 2021

How to set up Confirm with AssistiveTouch

When trying to download an app from the App Store you may be asked to double-click the side button to install the app.  There is no way to double-click the side button with eye control so you will need to set up AssistiveTouch to confirm instead.  Please follow the steps below to set up AssistiveTouch to confirm purchases or download apps.  You may need a helper with some of the steps below.
  1. Open the Settingsapp and choose Accessibilityfrom the left menu
  2. Select Touchfrom the right menu
  3. Select AssistiveTouch
  4. Scroll all the way down the menu on the right and turn on Confirm with AssistiveTouch
  5. Select Continue
  6. Double-click the button on the side of the device
  7. If prompted, type in your passcode to confirm and choose OK
  8. Double-click the side button one last time to confirm.  This is the last time you will need to use that side button to make any confirmations.
Now, whenever you want to download an app or make an ApplePay purchase you can confirm with AssistiveTouch. 

How to Confirm with AssistiveTouch

Now that you've set that up, howdo you confirm with AssistiveTouch?  When asked to Confirm with AssistiveTouch, follow the steps below.
  1. When asked to Confirm with AssistiveTouch, open the AssistiveTouchmenu.
  2. Choose Device
  3. Select More
  4. Choose ApplePay(even if the app is free)
  5. Select Confirm with ApplePay