What is Pathways for TD Snap and why is it important/different?

mai 03, 2017

One of the challenges that we have experienced in the field of AAC is that often individuals have difficulty knowing what to do once they have a device, or even where to go to find that advice. 

Pathways is a free resource that is designed to answer those questions. In part, it is a basic ‘how-to’ guide to give the facilitator simple steps to get started. It’s also a great clinical support; it provides guidance to successfully teach device use across a range of situations using any of the communication tools that are a part of ‘Core First’.

It also provides a levelled structure for implementing goals across four key areas of skill development: operational, strategic, social and linguistic. We know those four areas are important for anyone learning to use an AAC system in order to manage and grow within that system. Pathways for ‘Snap Core First’ provides lessons for each of these areas, as well as helping you to track progress. It also contains lessons and books to help explicitly teach core words.

It provides video supported ‘how to guides’ so that even individuals who are intimidated by AAC, or have less experience with AAC can feel confident in teaching and implemented ‘Core First’. It shows you how things are done, rather than trying to read a guide or follow a manual.

Although of those things make Pathways unique, and important in helping people to successfully teach and use the Indi and TD Snap.