What is the recommended distance when positioning the user for an Eyemobile Plus?

mai 01, 2019

The EyeMobile Plus is designed to work optimally when it is parallel to the user’s eyes at a distance from about 45 — 85 cm (18 to 33 inches).

Please note: This means that for those users leaning sideways or those lying down, the EyeMobile Plus also needs to be tilted in order to keep the users eyes parallel to the screen and at the optimal distance.

The optimal distance that a user should be from the EyeMobile Plus mounted on a monitor/laptop differs depending on the size of the screen. The user should be positioned at the optimal distance to allow for the best possible Windows Control.

Generally, the larger the size of the screen, the greater the distance the user should be from the Eye Tracker / Screen combination for optimal Tobii Dynavox Windows Control usage.

Monitors larger than up to the maximum screen size limitation should not be used for optimal Tobii Dynavox Windows Control usage.