Activating your Boardmaker Instructional Solutions in your district account

octobre 01, 2018

When you subscribe to Boardmaker Current Events, Expedition Education or Book Bridge, your district Boardmaker Online account will automatically be updated. 

You will have to specify which instructors within your account will have access.  

  • Log in to your Organization Admin account. 
  • Select Admin, and then Select Account Management
  • Select the Subscription Tab.  
  • In the Accounts Overview box, you will see your account information, including a list of the Instructional Solutions to which you are subscribed. To the right of each listing you will see the number of instructor accounts you have deployed, if any, and the number remaining.   
  • Select _remaining beside the name of the Instructional Solution you want to deploy.
  • Click the check box next to the instructor name(s) to give access. 
  • Select Update
  • Repeat with each of the Instructional Solutions that you wish to deploy.

Instructors may now access each of the Instructional Solutions by Selecting the My Instructional Solutions tab on the My Boardmaker menu.