Activity utilization reports

octobre 04, 2018

Please note this article applies only to Professional and District subscription accounts.

You can generate a report that includes the complete details for all activities played by your students during any specified time period. The report will show:
  • A chart displaying all activities that have been played during the specified time period and the total amount of time each activity has been played by all students.
  • A table displaying a list of all activities played, including the author of each activity, the number of students that have played each activity, the total number of sessions all students have played each activity, and the total number of minutes ("time on task") that each activity has been played in all student sessions.

Activities Played Between...

To generate an activity utilization report:
  1. Select Students > My Students Usage Monitoring. The Usage Monitoring page will open. (Utilization is the default tab.)
  2. Select the Start Date field. A calendar will open with the current date highlighted.
  3. Select a start date for the report.
  4. Select the  End Date  field.
  5. From the calendar that opens, select an end date for the report. 
    Note: Click Reset to clear the start and end dates.
  6. Select Run to generate the utilization report.
  7. Mouse over any bar in the chart for an overview of that activity’s usage. (See the illustration below.) 
    Weather - Sorting Activities played between...
  8. Select any bar in the chart to view individual activity details.(See the illustration below.) 
     In the ocean activities played between...

Note: Select any area of the individual activity detail report to return to the activity utilization report.