Are there any tips for following the moving stimulus during calibration?

septembre 15, 2017

There are a few ways that can make following the calibration stimulus easier.  These settings can all be found in Gaze Interaction Settings.  Choose the Calibration tab and select Settings...

  • Create a deeper contrast – change the background colors and stimulus dot colors
  • Change the Calibration area of the screen to a smaller area where the user can reach with his/her sight easier.
  • Change the stimulus type to an image or video that may hold onto the user's attention.  When changing the stimulus type to an image or video, remember to choose a Primary stimulus.  A secondary stimulus is optional.
  • Change the stimulus size or speed.  Make the stimulus larger if needed for those with visual impairments.  Make the stimulus smaller for those who need a more accurate area of the screen to aim their gaze at.  Speed up the stimulus for users who have a shorter attention span or slow down the stimulus for users who take longer to move their eyes across the screen.
  • If none of the stimulus speeds available are useful, you may want to try using the keyboard step through to move the point when the client is ready.