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Button search may not always return the results you expect

mai 08, 2017

Button search may not always return the results you expect
TD Snap’s Search tool, found in the Top Bar, shows you were you can find any word you enter in the search field within the current page set. The results of the search will be present in a scrolling list. Upon selecting the button you are looking for, Snap will walk you through navigating to the selected button. 
User-added image

In the example above, a search for the word “feel” on the 5x5 Core Words page shows that there are two results. If you select the one on the Core Words page, Snap will prompt you to scroll down on the current page, where it will be highlighting the hidden “feel” button. Despite the fact the button is hidden, will allow a Touch user to select it. 

It is important to note that while the search does show you the closest button(s) with the search term, it doesn’t indicated the visibility/accessibility of the buttons for the current grid size. In this case, the “feel” button in the Actions word list is the closest user accessible button.  Future versions of Snap will provide some indication of visibility of the search results.