Can I have the symbol search only show symbol for a specific age, gender or style?

mars 29, 2017

Note: Some of the images may not be representative of the current software as the software as changed and improved through the years

Can I have the symbol search only show symbol for a specific age, gender or style?
TD Snap provides two difference ways to filter the symbol search results, one allows you to select the age and gender of people that appear in the symbols, the other allows you to choose which symbols sets are used or which symbols sets appear first in the search results.
To filter the symbol search result for age and/or gender:
1. In the editor, select a button to edit.
2. Select the Button editing panel tab.
3. Below the image preview box, Select the filter icon.
4. Check the age and gender options that you would like to see in the symbol search results.
User-added image
Alternately, the filter options can be changed in the Symbol Search popup. Setting filters here will allow you to see how the search results change.
User-added image
Note: If no options are checked, you will see all available symbol matches, if you check one of more filter options, only the symbols that match those options will be presented.

To select the symbols set(s) to use and set their display order:
1. In the editor, select the System editing panel tab.
2. Scroll down in the panel to see the symbol sets you currently have installed. The top-most symbol set will display it symbol first in the symbol search result.
User-added image
3. Select and drag the handle on the right-side of the symbol set you would to reorder, and move it into the desired position.
     In this example the class PCS symbol will now appear before the more adult thin-line PCS symbols.
4. Scroll down in the panel to see addition symbol sets you can download.
5. Select the download button to install that symbols set for use in Snap.
Note: Periodically symbol updated may be available for the symbols sets up have installed.
Select the iconto get access to the new symbols.