Edit an instructor's profile

octobre 01, 2018

Please note this article applies only to District subscription accounts.

If you are an instructor with admin privileges, you can edit an instructor’s profile information  - change the instructor’s name, username, password, profile picture, access level, and/or email address. You can also assign students to the instructor.
  1. Select Admin > Instructor Roster Management.
  2. Select the ID link for the instructor whose profile you want to edit. 
    Instructor Roster Management 
    The Instructor Profilewill open.
  3. Select the Edit Profile  link. 
    Instructor Profile 
    The Edit Instructor Profile dialog will open. 
    Edit Instructor 
    Make your changes to the instructor’s profile. 
    Note: You can either type in a new password for the instructor, or select Reset - the new password will then be automatically generated and emailed to the instructor. 
    Select either:
    • Save and Close - The dialog will close, and a message will appear at the top of the page indicating that the profile has been successfully changed.
    • Save and Continue -   A new screen will open, enabling you to assign students to the instructor.
Edit Instructor (Optional section)

Simply select the Student IDcheck boxes of the students you want to assign to the instructor - then select Add Selected. When you have finished adding students, select Finish and Close.