How can I delete multiple text messages in Communicator 5?

avril 08, 2018

Warning:  If the instructions below are followed incorrectly, it may result in a loss of data.  Please make sure to follow the instructions exactly as stated.

In Communicator 5 you have the capability of deleting one text message at a time or purging all text messages.  Unlike email, there is not a way to select multiple messages and delete them from within Communicator.

To delete one message at a time, in the Text Messaging pageset select the message you would like to delete and then select the Delete button.

To delete multiple messages or delete all of them please follow the steps below.  You may need the help of someone who can access the cell phone.  You will need to go through the mobile phone set up process once these instructions have been completed to reconnect your phone to Communicator.

  1. In Communicator, open the Quick Menu and select Advanced Settings.
  2. From the System tab select Data Folders
  3. Next to Application data folder select the Explore... button.  (There are three Explore... buttons on this window so you want to be sure to select the correct one.)
  4. Once the File Explorer window opens, double-click Users
  5. Double-click the folder that is named after the user you log in as.  For the purpose of these instructions we will call it User1.
  6. Double-click Settings
  7. Double-click Mobile Phone
  8. Delete all files and folders in the Mobile Phone folder.
  9. Close the File Explorer window.
  10. On the cell phone, open your messaging app and delete the text messages that you do not want to import into Communicator.  Once deleting the text message off your phone, you may not be able to get it back.  Depending on your phone, you may be able to back up your text messages before deleting any.  Also, Take note that Communicator can only import the most recent 50 text messages on your phone.
  11. Once the text messages have been deleted from the phone, from within Communicator reconnect your mobile phone.