How can I share pages? (Exporting) NavBar

juillet 27, 2016

  1. Select the Settings Button.
  2. Select the Page Browser.
  3. Select the Manage Button.
  4. Select the topic you wish to export.
  1. Select the blue Export Button.
  2. Select where you want to export the topic to. (You could send it to your mydynavox account or to a location on your T10/ T15.)
Use the following to export using the mydynavoxaccount, tap the green Select Button.

  1. Name the topic you are exporting using the system keyboard.

  1. Enter a description of your topic. (ex. Exported Art Class)

Use the following to export using the Local Device method.
  1. All exported topics/ pages default to the Backups folder on your device.  Select the green Select Button.
  1. Name your file then select OK to confirm (ex. Games).