How Do I Access Boardmaker Activities in Snap Core First?

août 06, 2020

You are now able to access interactive Boardmaker Activities within Snap Core First, which supports symbol communication for touch, eye gaze, switch and scanning access methods. That’s right – your favorite communication software and special education software have combined so all learners, regardless of access needs, can receive the full benefits of each software title.

Here’s what you need to know

Simply put – anything interactive you create or use in Boardmaker (like accessible games, books, calendars, and calculators), you can now play in Snap Core First.  The Snap Core First interface will remain easy and simple for users and communication partners.  You will now have the option to directly access a broader range of content within Snap Core First.  

You can quickly and easily access learning activities, entertainment and your communication content in the same location.  There’s no need to switch software or to download another application. And since communication happens all the time, having quick and direct access while you are engaged in activities is important. Snap Core First will hold the state of the activity you’re playing while you are communicating so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Educators will now be able to share the same interactive Boardmaker activities with all learners. The range of interactive content can help to support individual needs and create a more inclusive learning environment by making content accessible to all learners.  

Snap Core First has pre-loaded Boardmaker content for all users: 

Accessible bookshelf: This contains a collection of books from our curriculum titles and other books written by our content team. Learners can self-select books and revisit them again-and-again, helping them grow and reinforce literacy skills.  

Accessible games:  Play games that are engaging and designed to help learners develop access skills.   

Tools: Have quick access to simple tools including a calculator, calendar, and game spinner.

Curriculum samples: Sample activities from Core First Learning, Reading Avenue, and Expedition Education.


Check out these video tutorials to learn more about Boardmaker Activities in Snap Core First: 

Boardmaker Player in Snap: What is it?  

Boardmaker Player in Snap: How to Use it 


Adding Boardmaker Activities to Snap

Boardmaker Activities will need to be added to a Snap folder found in the My Activities area of Boardmaker Online. 

You don’t need to be a subscriber of Boardmaker (you can use a free Community Account) to play activities in Snap.  However, if you wish to edit an activity or create a new activity, you need to own a version of Boardmaker.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to add activities.


Please note, there will be a few limitations with the Snap Core First and Boardmaker Activities integration: 

  • You cannot play print activities. 
  • Boardmaker Online is not localized, and you need to use it to get the activities into Snap Core First. 
  • You cannot edit activities in Snap.


For current Snap Core First users:

Create your free Boardmaker Online Community account today. This will enable you to search for activities created by other Boardmaker users and play them in Snap (no editing available).

Download your free trial of Boardmaker Online. This will give you the ability to create and edit activities within Boardmaker and then play them in Snap.


For current Boardmaker users:

Download your free trial of Snap Core First and access your Boardmaker activities within it.