How do I add prediction buttons to a board in Boardmaker Version 6?

janvier 02, 2020

You can add up to 100 Prediction buttons to a board. Only the Button Speak(Cool Stuff tab) and the actions in the Board Changetab can be assigned to a Prediction button.

  1. Choose Dynamic Buttons
  2. Choose Prediction.
  3. Drag the first button into the upper right corner of the board.
  4. Stretch out the button and increase the font size.
Tip: Assign the Speak Day/Date/Time/ Prediction actions (Quick Actioncategory) to the Prediction button to make it speak the predicted word when selected.
  1. Use the Button Sprayer Tool to spray out additional Prediction buttons.
  2. Save the board.
  3. Switch the application to the Use mode. As you type letters, the Prediction buttons will start predicting words.
  4. Click the Prediction button to put its word into the Message Display.
  5. Return to the Design mode when finished.