How do I clear the cache in the Join-In browser?

janvier 07, 2021

Some issues with the accessibility pagesets can be resolved by clearing the cache for the Join-In web browser that is used.  One way to test out if the issue is with the browser rather than the pageset is to close Communicator and attempt to reach the same website through the Join-In browser rather than through Communicator.  It is also a good idea to try to reach the same website through a different browser just to be sure the issue is not with the website or network.

Join-In Browser - Cleaning the cache
1. Make sure all Join-In Browser copies are closed.
2. Open the installation folder of Join-In Browser. Typically it is C:\Program Files\Join-In\Application
3. Start joininbrowser.exe
4. In the address bar type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
5. Clear browsing data window is now opened. Make sure the 3 options are checked and press Clear Data button.
Note: all logins are now cleared and you will have to re-login into all relevant sites.