How do I Copy a Button from One Page to Another in Compass?

juillet 27, 2016

First -  navigate to the page from which you wish to copy a button or buttons.

1.  Select the Settings button in from the Toolbar. kA1G00000009va7KAA_en_US_1_0

2.  Select Page Browser, choose the page you wish to edit, then choose Editor.

3. Select the button(s) you wish to copy to another page.

 (If you're copying more than one button choose the Select tool, and then choose the Multi Select tool.)


kA1G00000009va7KAA_en_US_1_1   kA1G00000009va7KAA_en_US_1_2

4.  Now choose the Edit button.


5.  Select the Copy tool.

6.  Now select File > Open (if copying to a new page choose the Newbutton and follow the prompts).

7.  If you made any changes to the current page, choose Yes when it asks if you wish to save the changes; otherwise choose No.

8.  Select the page to which you will be copying the buttons.

9.  Select the Select button.

10. Now choose the Edit button.

11. Select Paste.


Your buttons that you copied from the previous page will now be on the page you just opened.

12.  When satisfied with your changes choose the File button, then Save, then Exit.