How do I create and edit scan groups in Snap?

avril 23, 2020

Note: To use scan groups, the Scanning access method must be active, with the Group Scan setting enabled. Snap version must be 1.10 or above.

  1. Select the Editbutton
  2. Select the Pagetab
  3. Select the Scan Groupstool.User-added image The first scan group is started automatically.
  4. The Drawtool will be active to add areas to your scan group. User-added image
  5. Click and drag areas of the page to add them to the scan group.
Note: You cannot add the Message Bar or Toolbar to a scan group. Each is its own scan group.
  1. Select the Erase tool to remove areas from the scan group,.
  2. Click on each area you would like to remove from the group.
  3. Select +to create a new scan group.
  4. Select the colored circle that matches the color of the scan group you would like to edit in order to navigate between scan groups or to prepare to delete a scan group.
  5. Select Delete Scan Group to delete a scan group.