How do I find premade activities in Boardmaker Online?

décembre 19, 2018

Boardmaker Online allows you to search for thousands of ready-made activities.  These activities can be used as-is or edited to meet your specific needs.
Why?  Using ready-made activities can save you time and give you fresh ideas for using Boardmaker with your students.
To search for activities:

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar within your Boardmaker Online account.                        
  2. Type a search term into the text box that opens and Enter.                  
  3. Use the filters in the Narrow Your Results column to focus your search. Scroll down to view and add additional filters.
    • NOTE: If you would like to capture student performance data from assigned activities, select Performance Enabled activities which is identified with an icon of a computer monitor with a “P” inside. You can also find performance tracking activities by selecting Interactive with Performance as you narrow your search.
  4. To view an activity within the results, click the activity name or thumbnail view.
  5. Use the tools on the blue toolbar above the activity to add the activity to your My Activities, preview (Play), Send to a Friend, or to Add a copy of the activity to your own Playlist.
  6. Use the back arrow to return to your search landing page.
  7. If added to your Activities List, the activity can be found in your My Activities list and may be managed there to play, print, assign, organize, or edit.
To access the pdf version of this article which includes screenshots, click here.