How do I get log files to send to tech support?

août 15, 2018

With the many different products we sell at Tobii Dynavox log files are helpful to determine what may be going wrong with a particular device or software.  Find your product below and follow the instructions to gather the log files.

I-13 and I-16 devices (including software)

  1. Open Hardware Settings
  2. Select System & Diagnostics from the menu on the left
  3. Choose the button labelled Save information to file.  This will create a file on the desktop that can be sent to technical support.

TD Pilot (including apps)

Logs can be retrieved through the Co-Pilot app(The device needs to be connected to the internet for this to work).
  1. In Co-Pilot select Settings
  2. Choose About
  3. Select Collect Log
  4. When doing so you will receive a pop-up that "information about your TD Pilot will be sent to TobiiDynavox tech support"
  5. Click Continue
These logs will be sent directly to a dedicated server so we will need the serial number of the device to be able to find the correct logs


Windows Control 2 Tobii Eye Tracking Core

  1. Select the TETC icon in the system tray.  If there is an eye tracking issue it probably looks like an exclamation point with two dots (representing eyes) next to it.
  2. Select Interactions
  3. In the menu on the left choose About
  4. On the right side choose Troubleshoot
  5. On the bottom right of this next screen choose Collect diagnostic data.  The data will be placed in a file on the desktop.

Windows Control 2

  1. From the Windows Control 2 toolbar select Settings.
  2. Choose Help & Usage
  3. Select Save information to file.  The log file will be placed on the desktop.

Tobii Gaze Interaction Software on I-12, I-15, I-12+, and I-15+ as well as other logs regarding the device itself.

  1. Open the Control Center
  2. Select System from the left menu
  3. Choose Save information to file.  The log file will be created and placed on the desktop.

Tobii Gaze Interaction Software on a PC (not I-Series)

  1. Open the File Explorer
  2. Browse to %programdata%
  3. Double-click the Tobii Dynavox folder
  4. Double-click the Gaze Interaction folder
  5. Double-click the Server folder
  6. Copy the Logs folder to the desktop and compress it to a ZIP file.

Communicator 5

  1. Open the Quick Menu
  2. Select Window Mode
  3. On the menubar select Help
  4. Choose Logging
  5. Make sure Detailed is checked.  If it is not, check it then wait until the issue occurs again to get a proper log file.
  6. If Detailed was checked select Browse...
  7. A window will open with all of the log files.  
  8. Sort the files by date.  
  9. Select the files from the date(s) that apply to the issue being logged and compress them to a ZIP file.

Snap Core First for Windows

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Browse to %localappdata%\packages\tobiidynavox.snapcorefirst[some numbers and letters]\LocalState\Logs

Snap Core First for iOS

  1. Connect the iPad to iTunes on a PC.
  2. Go to File Sharing
  3. Find Snap and drag the Logs folder to the local PC.