How do I get started in the default touch mode so that I can use any Tobii Dynavox access method?

mai 16, 2018

Start the Speech Case in Touch mode if you would like to use the touch screen to navigate apps and folders. In this mode, you can
use any Tobii Dynavox access method (including scanning) within Tobii Dynavox apps.

To start the Speech Case in Touch mode
1. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons (simultaneously) on the Speech Case for 10 seconds, then release
the buttons.
2. When you hear “Power on!” followed by two beeps, the Speech Case is powered on in touch mode.

Pair the Speech Case through Bluetooth
1. On your iPad, go to Settings, Bluetooth, and turn on Bluetooth.
Stay on this screen until you complete the remaining steps to pair your Speech Case.
2. Select the Speech Case in the My Devices or Other Devices list. (Your Speech Case Bluetooth ID ends with the same last 5
digits as the Speech Case case serial number. The word “Touch” or “Scan” in the Bluetooth ID indicates the current mode
of the device.)

Your Speech Case is now paired and ready to use!