How do I make a button to send a specific text message to a specific phone number in Compass?

juin 25, 2018


To program a Compass button to send a pre-programmed message to a specific phone number, follow the steps below:

1. Open the page in Compass you would like to add this button to. 

2. Go to Settings/Editor or  "Modify" and select a button.

3. Select the open field for "Actions" and type in "SMS" in the search window that opens up.

4. Select the pencil button to the right of "OpenApplicationSMS(phoneNumberStr)" and then select "OpenApplicationSMS(phoneNumberStr, messageStr) from the next window.

SMS script

5. Select "phoeNumberStr" and enter the phone number the message will be sent to.

6. Select "messageStr" and enter the message that will be sent  from the button.  There must be quotation marks at the beginning and end of the message and the text should show up as Green, not Red. 

7. Select "Done" at the top of the page and you should now either need to exit Editor and save or just be able to test the button.