How do I setup a wired or wireless speaker/headset for auditory cues in Snap?

juin 21, 2019

Setting up a separate, wired or wireless (Bluetooth), headphones or speaker, for the auditory cue in Snap Core First.

  1. Connect/pair (if Bluetooth) the headphones or speaker as per normal.
  2. Launch Snap Core First.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select User.
  5. Under the Voicesection, select Speech-output device.
  6. Turn Use default deviceto Off.
  7. Select Speakers(be sure that this is the built in speakers of the compute/tablet/device).
  8. At left, select Access Method.
  9. Under Access Method select Scanning.
  10. Under the Options section, select Audio feedback.
  11. Turn Use Audio Feedbackto On.
  12. Select Audio feedback output device.
  13. Turn Use default device to Off.
  14. Select the headphones or speaker listed.
  15. Select Done.