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How Do I Setup Windows 11 With a Local Account?

décembre 29, 2022

How Do I Setup Windows 11 With a Local Account? 


Summary: I do not need the use of Microsoft One Drive for backup purposes and I want to use a local account to ensure that the device boots up and restarts as simple as possible and does not stop and require a sign on password.

Windows 11 based computers (for example Tobii Dynavox TD I-110 devices) may have to be setup with a Microsoft Account initially and then changed to a local account by doing the following:


  1. From the Windows Start Menu, select Settings.
  2. At left, select Accounts.
  3. Under Account settings, select Your Info.
  4. Under Account settings and then to the right, select Sign in with a local account instead.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Enter the Microsoft Password.
  7. If desired, edit the User name as appropriate.
  8. New Password - leave blank.
  9. Confirm Password - leave blank.
  10. Select Next.
  11. Select Sign out and finish.
  12. Select Sign in when prompted – this is the only time this will need to be done.