How do I use an Apple Personal Voice in TD Snap on my TD Pilot or SC Mini?

novembre 09, 2023

First, make sure iOS is at version 17.1.1 or above and TD Snap is at version 1.30 or above.

Create an Apple Personal Voice

  1. Open the iOS Settings app. Select Accessibility. Select Personal Voice.
  2. Select Create a Personal Voice.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to record your voice.
Note: There are 150 phrases to record so make sure you have ample time to do this. 
If you need to stop and come back later, you can pause the session.  To pause your recording session, tap Done or close the Settings app. Your progress will be saved.
To resume a recording session:
  1. Go to iOS Settings > Accessibility > Personal Voice.
  2. Tap the Personal Voice you want to continue creating.
  3. Tap Continue Recording, then follow the onscreen instructions.
Note: Once the recording session is completed, the process to create your personal voice will begin.  This can take several hours so plug in your charger and lock the screen (press the power button or let the screen timeout).
Once the Personal Voice has been created, here are the steps to use it in TD Snap.
  1. Go to iOS Settings > Accessibility > Personal Voice.
  2. Enable the Allow Apps to Request to Use slider.  Close the iOS Settings window.
  3. Launch TD Snap.
  4. When prompted to Allow TD Snap to use Personal Voice, select OK.
  5. In TD Snap, go to Settings/User/Speaking Voice.
  6. Scroll down and select iOS voices.
  7. Select your Personal Voice.  The choices are displayed by country and alphabetically.
  8. Exit Settings.