How does the application manager work in MyTobii?

juillet 14, 2016

In the application manager the MyTobii desktop setup can be changed and programs added.

All applications available in MyTobii are shown in the application manager.

The programs shown on the desktop in MyTobii are listed on the right hand side in the view, under Applications on the desktop.
Programs available but not placed on the desktop are listed under Available applications on the left hand side.
To add a program to the desktop:
  1. Highlight a program listed under Available applications
  2. Click the arrow pointing towards the list of programs placed on the desktop.
  3. You can also drag and drop the icons.
To remove a program:
  1. Highlight a program under Applications on the desktop
  2. Click the arrow pointing to the left
    1. All programs that a user is not using can be placed on the left hand side under available applications. They will not be shown on the MyTobii desktop but can be added to the desktop at any time by going into the application manager.
Programs that are not MyTobii or MyTobii Partner programs can be added under New Application in the Application Manager view.

Please read in the MyTobii manual under the chapter "5.3 Application Manager" for further information.