How to Add Buttons on Pagebar Pages 3 and 4 of Topic Pages in Navigator

mars 20, 2017

1. Open Compass
2. Navigate to a Topic page, this example is using the My info topic

Image of  the topic, "my info" in the navigatator Pageset

3. Select the Settings Gear (Top Left Corner)
4. Select Editor
5. Select a button in the area where the topic messages are. Select the small arrow to the right of the edit tool and select, "select parent"

in editor with the select parent option shown

6.   Select the down Arrow on the Directional Pad in the bottom right corner

directional tool appears in the lower right corner.


7. Navigate to the page 3 without buttons


page 3 selected that has no buttons


8. Select the Standard button tool and draw a button in the black empty button area.

Standard button tool

standard button drawn out in blank button area

9. Select the “Spray” Tool within the Select Tools to create multiple buttons (Click in center of existing button and drag to the opposite corner)

shows spray tool

10. You now have a new page of buttons to edit within a subtopic within the Topic Page
11. To fill in page 4 repeat steps and fill in buttons on that page.
11. Select Exit and answer Yes to save.


Note: To Show an individual button on pages 3 and 4, an Active button is required in each row  for the page to swipe further in the list.