How to Change the Onscreen Keyboard

juillet 27, 2016

Your T10 includes a set of onscreen keyboards for desktop access to the Internet. These are the same keyboards with which you're familiar and that allow you to use the same access method that you use to control the software.

First you should select the specific keyboards you would like to use, and then, when you open an Internet application that requires data entry, select the onscreen keyboards as your default onscreen keyboards.

Select Your Keyboards

1. From your desktop, select the Apps Menu icon at the top right corner of your screen. The Apps Menu will open.


2. Select the Settingsbutton on the Apps Menu. The Settingsmenu will open.

3.Scroll down the list in the left viewport and select Language & input.

4. Select Onscreen Keyboard.

5.Select the settings button to the right of Onscreen Keyboard.


6. Select an access method. (Simple touch is the default access method.)

 (Optional: For scanning, select Advanced Settingsto choose your switch inputs and highlight style and color)

7. Select Keyboard Settings. A list of five different types of keyboards will appear:
  • Keyboard for general text
  • Keyboard for internet text
  • Keyboard for telephone numbers
  • Keyboard for dates and times
  • Keyboard for numbers

8. Select Keyboard for general text, and, from the menu that opens, select the radio button for the keyboard you would prefer to use. Then select OKat the bottom of the menu.

9. Continue down the list, selecting each type of keyboard and choosing from the available keyboard options.

When you are done, select the Homebutton at the bottom of the screen to return to your desktop.


Set up your T10 to Use the Keyboards

1. The first time you open an Internet application from your desktop, and a field opens that requires data entry, a small keyboard icon will appear at the bottom right of your screen. Select this icon.

2. The Set up input methods menu will open. Select the radio button next to Onscreen Keyboard.

The keyboards are now set as your default onscreen keyboards.