How to set up Kiosk Lite with version 1.26 and above

avril 21, 2023

Perform all Windows updates and reboot as needed.
Perform All Update Notifier Updates and reboot as needed. (Tobii Dynavox devices)
Update TD Snap to the most recent release.

Windows 11
Check to make sure the Taskbar is set to locked. Personalizations >Taskbar>Taskbar behaviors> Uncheck automatically hide task bar( disabled)
Turn off Three- and Four- Finger touch gestures in Windows settings, Bluetooth & devices>Touch
Windows 10
Personalizations >Taskbar Lock the task bar enabled

When booting Windows, the Home screen will show for a few seconds while TD Snap opens. This brief time someone will be able to access Windows items. TD Snap will launch hiding anything that was opened. You may want to start the device and confirm TD Snap has launched before giving to the user.

Hardware Settings      On Tobii Dynavox devices
Buttons - Home Button = OFF
Touch Screen and gestures - Edge swipe = OFF
Startup = TD Snap
If you do not have the Startup feature, use the Startup Wizard App. Find this app on desktop and launch it , choose TD Snap.

TD Snap
Put these button on a page for a facilitator to access, hide them if need so the user cannot access them.
Create a button - Shut down device. (could be hidden or not depending on user needs) found in category, device or search for actions
Create a button - minimize  found in category, device or search for actions This will give access to the desktop. Recommended to not have it or to hide it.
Password protect the settings menu. Sync icon ,Data tracking, and light bulb. Found in System tab
Hide any buttons that will take you outside of TD Snap. Examples: on the dashboard in Core first there are links that will take you to Boardmaker 7 student center, boardmaker student center 1.8 and Magic Eye FX.

To Exit Kiosk mode:
 Use password to open TD Snap's settings, toggle full screen (System tab, Preferences, Screen Setting);  open Hardware Settings enable both Home Button Edge Swipe; restart the device