I can't log in to Skype anymore

juillet 31, 2016

The built in Skype plugin in Tobii Communicator uses the Skype Kit SDK from Microsoft to access the Skype features. Microsoft ended the support for SkypeKit and decided to take down Skype kit completely as of August 2014. This means, you are no longer able to login to Skype via Tobii Communicators own Skype plugin.


We have created a new Skype page set that will not be affected. In order to use this page set you must first download and install Skype from their website. Then open the pageset called Skype Desktop Client from the Telecommunications tab in the Ready-Made pageset section of Tobii Communicator. Once the Skype desktop client is installed you will be able to launch and control it from within the new page set.


If you use an older version of SonoKey that has the new Skype Desktop not implemented yet, you can change the button link to point towards this pageset in edit mode or button wizard.