If Power button is set to do nothing in Power Options, when the Power button is held down the red LEDs illuminate.

juillet 18, 2016

Users with certain challenges tend to like to hold down the power button on the C-Series devices and then the devices shut down. To prevent this, in Power Options the power button can be set to do nothing. Now, when the power button is held down, the LED's light up as red although the C12 does not shut down. Red LEDs mean that the device is shutting down, since the power button is set to do nothing, the device will not shut down.

To deactivate the power button so that the power button will not shut down the device, follow the steps below.
1. In Control Panel, double-click on Power Options
2. Select Change Plan Settings for the Power Plan that is selected.
3. Choose Change Advanced Power Settings
4. Expand Power Buttons and Lid
5. Expand Power Button Action
6. Select Do Nothing for On Battery and for Plugged In.
7, Choose OK from Power Options

The Red LEDs illuminating is normal functionality. If the Power Button is set to do nothing, the device will not power off although the LEDs illuminate red.