IR Programming in I-Series and Compass

juillet 31, 2016


1.      Click Settings à Remotes

2.      Click Manage


3.      Click New

4.      Type in Remote Name

5.      Click Edit Commands


6.      Click “No commands defined. Select here to add a command”

7.      Type in Command Name

8.      Click Learned



9.      Get remote control ready

10.  Click Record and follow steps pointing remote at IR sensor on bottom of device as shown in picture































11.  Push remote control button at sensor and hold until green bar turns blue. Release when bar turns blue and repeat until…



























12.  Click OK

13.  Click Back

14.  Click Done

15.  Click Dashboard in Toolbar at left

16.  Click Remotes and then choose pre made page to start from



17.  Select Modify button in top right corner (location may vary depending on pageset)

18.  Select button you wish to add signal to



























19.  Click Actions box

20.  Here we add the signal we just recorded


21.  Click remoteCommand in yellow and chose from your list of remotes/signals


22.  Select the remote then the signal then click select.  You should end up with this.





23.  Repeat process for all remote signals and buttons needed.