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Moving content buttons can displace function and navigation buttons

mai 08, 2017

Moving content buttons can displace function and navigation buttons

Most people will want to do some level customization to the TD Snap Core First content to personalize it for a user’s needs. Some care must be taken when adding and inserting buttons into the pre-made content. TD Snap makes it simple to insert buttons and move content around, but doing so will shift other buttons around in the grid, which might disturb function or navigation buttons that should always remain in consistent locations.
User-added image
In the example above, a bagel button was created and inserted between banana and bread. This caused all the other buttons on the page to shift right. Unfortunately, this also shifted the All Word Lists, Little Words and Related Lists buttons, which need to stay in the upper right corner of the grid. Initial versions of  TD Snap do not provide a way to “pin” a button to a location in the grid. This “pinning” feature should be available in future versions of Snap.

To correct the problem shown above, drag each of the button pink word list link buttons in front of the right-most  button in the proper row. This will shift the content again to put them back where they belong. Start with the first row and work down from there, otherwise you might displace again a button you just finished repositioning. 

(Also see Buttons added in one grid size may not appear in the same place in other grid sizes)