My cursor moves on the screen but it does not follow my finger or stylus

juillet 20, 2016

If the mouse cursor does not follow your finger or stylus on the touchscreen the touchscreen needs to be calibrated:

  1. To recalibrating the touchscreen:
    1. Double click C-Series Hardware Options (on the desktop, or Start menu > Control Panel > C-Series Hardware Options)
    2. Click Touch Screen
    3. Click Calibrate
    4. Press the flashing "X" until it stops blinking
    5. Click OK
  2. If the cursor still does not follow your finger, try recalibrating using a stylus to touch the center of the "X" during the calibration process
  3. Make sure that you are only touching the screen with your finger. Do not rest your hand on the screen when trying to make a selection or during the calibration process.