NavBar Pageset - Editing a Topic Collage

juillet 27, 2016

1.  In the Navigation Bar, select the topic collage you want to edit.
Select the Modify button in the upper right corner of the screen kA1G00000008u7lKAA_en_US_1_0and choose Settings, Page Browser, then choose the page you're editing and choose Editor

Select the photo button whose image you want to replace.


4.  Select the Properties button in the top left corner.


5.  On the Content tab, select the blue Select button to browse for an image.

Select the image you want, then select the green Select button at the top right corner of the screen.

6.  Once you have replaced your image, you can rename the subtopic if necessary.

a.  Select the yellow button below the subtopic image.

b.  Select the Properties button.


7.  In the Label field, type in the name for your new subtopic. 

Select the tab for the subtopic you are editing. The tab will turn yellow when you have it selected.

9.  Select the Properties button on the tab.


In the Label field, change the subtopic name to match the name used on the subtopic button in step 7.

10.  Select the grid to edit vocabulary.  (For information on editing vocabulary, seeStroke & Brain Injury Persona pageset - Adding a Topic Collage.

11. Repeat steps 3-10 to modify other subtopics.

kA1G00000008u7lKAA_en_US_1_6  It is recommended that you do not move the image or label buttons around on this page. The hotspots will not appear in the correct place if these buttons are moved.