NavBar Pageset - How to Create a Brand New Word List and Connect it to a Topic

juillet 27, 2016

kA1G00000008u7vKAA_en_US_1_0 Word lists you create will also be accessible in the Word Lists tool if that is available as you set the ability level for the pageset.

Creating the Word List

1.  Select the Settings button in the Toolbar. kA1G00000008u7vKAA_en_US_1_1 

2.  Select Vocabulary.

3.  Select Word Lists. (If you want your word list to be a sublist of one of the main lists, navigate to the parent word list.)

4.  Select Manage.


5.  Select New Folder.  kA1G00000008u7vKAA_en_US_1_3

6.  Type in a label for the new folder, and browse for a symbol.

7.  Select the green Savebutton.

8.  Select the green Done button at the top right of the screen.

9.  Select the new word list and select Manage.

10.  Add items for the list. 

11.  When the list is populated, select the green Done button at the top right of the screen.

12.  Select Back until you are out of the Settings.

Connecting the List to Your Topic

1.  Go to the topic to which you want to add a list.

2.  Select Topic Words.

3.  Select the Settings button from the Toolbar.

4.  Select Page Browser.

5.  Select the page you will be editing and choose Editor.

6.  Select the tab for an empty word list position you want.

7.  Select the vocabulary grid.

8.  Select the Properties button at the upper left  corner of the grid.

9.  Select Browse.

10.  Browse for the word list you just created. Select the Select button.

11.  Select File,then Save.

kA1G00000008u7vKAA_en_US_1_6 Don’t forget to change the label from the default (e.g., Word List 5) to the name of your list.  The word list will not appear until this name has been changed.