NavBar Pageset - How to Quickly Show or Hide Multiple Topics in the Navigation Bar

juillet 27, 2016

1.  To show or hide topics, you need to access the Configure Navigation Bar page.You used this page when you initially selected topics in the Setup Wizard.


It is most conveniently accessed through the Topics button in the Levels menu.


The Topic Settings menu will open.


2. You can show or hide individual topics by directly clicking on them, but to work with multiple topics, select Manage from the upper right corner of the Configure Navigation Bar page.


You now have access to a new menu of options.


4.  Select each topic that you wish to show on the Navigation Bar.  You will see a blue check mark on the item that is selected. 


kA1G00000008u6YKAQ_en_US_1_6  You may select as many as you wish, although we recommend that you follow the suggestions for each level within the pageset you are using.

5.  When you have the desired number of pages selected, select the Showbutton or Hide button, whichever the desired action may be.

6. Select the Done button in the upper right corner of the screen.


7. Select the Backbutton at the top left corner of the screen to exit this page.