PCEye Explore Power Consumption

juillet 29, 2016

The PCEye Explore is powered through a USB3 port on your computer. If you run your computer on batteries, please remember that this could slightly impact the overall battery runtime of your computer.

According to the standard of USB3, the specification provides 5V (no more than 5.25 V and no less than 4.75V). In USB3, a device may draw at most a maximum of six unit loads (6 times 150 mA = 900 mA). The PCEye Explore is a high power device which requires at least 5V or more and up to 900 mA. The average power consumption of the PCEye Explore is 2,5 W and the maximum consumption is 4,7 W. Given you would use the PCEye Explore every day for 8 hours, this would lead to a total power consumption of about 0,6 KWh a month.