Restoring a Backup Locally Using iTunes

juillet 27, 2016

NOTE:  File sharing requires iTunes version 9.1 or later.

Download the backup file from

1.  From a PC or Mac, open your web browser and go to
2.  Select LOG IN at  the top right of your screen.
3.  Enter your username and password and select Login, or select Registerto create a new account.
4.  Once logged in, select the Pagesets tab.

5. Select the pageset you want to download.

Use iTunes to transfer the backup file to the iPad:

1. On your computer, browse to the location of the downloaded pageset.
2.  If the file name is over 23 characters long, rename it so the file name is 23 characters or less.
3.  Connect your iPad to a computer running iTunes 9.1 or later.
4.  Open iTunes.
5.  In the top right corner of the screen, select the iPadbutton, or in column view, select iPadunder devices.
6.  Select the Appstab.
7.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen to access File Sharing.
8.  On the left side under Apps, select DynaVox.
9.  On the right side, under DynaVox Documents, select Add
10. Browse for the backup file downloaded in step 1.
11. Select Addto transfer the file to your iPad.
12. Open the Compass app on your iPad.
13. Open the Compass Settings menu.
14. Select Backup / Restore.
15. Select Restore Locally.
16. Use the arrow button at the upper left of the screen to move up one level through the layers of folders.


17. Select the backup file you transferred in Step 11.

Once the backup file has been restored, you will be brought to the Home screen.