Set a tab to be the current tab when page opens

mars 07, 2017

While on the page select the Settings menu button and editor

Tab will always open to tab 1 when the page opens. To change which tab is the active tab when the page opens, follow these steps.
Pageset = Core First

The whole page needs to be selected , To do so, select a button, then the edit and the (little arrow) and choose select parent. Select edit again and select parent. Do this two more times until the whole page is selected.

Select the red properties button.

Select the Actions area, in the search field type SetcurrentTab, select it

A window will open for you to select a screen object, select the tabView then the Green check mark Select

A dialog box appears with “enter expression for : value

Put the tab number you want  in there and then select the green check mark to the right

Select Done

Select Exit and Yes to save


Test your pages. Select a different topic and then go back to the one you modified to verify the tab you want is active when the page opens