Strap Attachment Guide for Speech Case, Speech Case Mini, I-110 Classic, TD I-110, and Indi

septembre 13, 2022

If you are having difficulty with attaching the Strap to your device, you can use the following guide. If you are performing these steps with a Speech Case or Speech Case Tablet, it is recommended to remove the iPad so you can work with the case on both sides. 

Note: For the Speech Case Mini, you'll want to loosen the 4 phillips head screws on the back (the screws  don't come out completely, just unscrew them until they are loose) and then remove the top panel and ipad to get access to both sides of the strap attachment area.

1) Take the Strap and detach both buckles from the main strap (buckle points in the image below):

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2) For reference, the detached part of the strap will have a Buckle End and a Looped End:

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The strap points may differ between models – the first image is a Speech Case (9.7”) and has 2 small threaded holes. The second image is of a TD I-110 that has different attachment points:
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3) Using the Speech Case, take the one of the detached straps and feed the loop-end through one side and out the other (I recommend starting from outside to inside on the Speech Case – feed from bottom to top on the TD I-110 in the image above):

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NOTE FOR SC TABLETS: It will be easier to remove the iPad from the Speech Case to thread the loop in one hole and out of the other. Here is a screenshot of the inside of the Speech Case and a Speech Case Mini where the thread passes through (the red circles):

sc mini.jpg

4) Pass the Buckle-end through the loop and pull tight to secure the strap to the strap point. Do this for both sides:

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5) You can then attach both buckles to the main strap, to attach them to each other to make a small handle for the device.

If you continue to have difficulty threading the looped end through the Strap holes on the case/device, you can also try using a sewing needle or toothpick to pass the looped end in and out of the holes.