Using folders to organize your activities

octobre 01, 2018

You can organize your activity files into separate folders. For example, you might want to create custom folders for different instructional levels, for separate students, for activities that meet specific IEP goals or educational standards, or for your favorite activities.

Create a New Folder

  1. Under My Boardmaker (My Boardmaker > My Activities tab), select Create Folder. 
    My Boardmaker. Create Folder 
    The Create a New Folder dialog will open. 
    Create A New Folder
  2. Enter a new folder name, and select Create. A message will appear indicating that the folder has been created.
  3. Select OK (or select Create Another Folder). The new folder will appear in your activities list.

Organize Activities in Folders

  1. From your activity list, select the Move Activity button next to the activity you want to move. (See the illustration below.) 
    The Move to Folder dialog will open. 
    Move to Folder
  2. Select the folder into which you want to move the activity.

Rename a Folder

  1. From your activity list, select the Edit Folder button next to the folder you want to rename.(See the illustration below.) 
    Edit folder 
    The Rename Folder  dialog will open. 
    Rename Folder
  2. Enter a new name for the folder, and then select Rename.

Delete an Activity Folder

Caution: Removing a folder will delete both the folder and all of the activities in that folder.
  1. From your activity list, select the Remove button next to the activity you want to delete. (See the illustration below.) 
    Remove from My Activities
  2. A confirmation dialog will appear. Select Yes to delete the folder and all the activities contained within it.