What screen size do you recommend for eyetracking?

juillet 20, 2016

27" is the maximum screen size we recommend. However, choosing the right screen size, will also depend on the ability of the individual to use a screen of that size. Bigger is not always better when it comes to eyegaze. Finding the optimum size for your own ability is crucial. One thing to look at is how easily you can see around a screen. If you need to move your head to see all around, that can have implications for people with positioning. We have met many people who actually benefit from a smaller screen because the head movement required to look around a larger screen can trigger other involuntary movements which means their targeting suffers. It's a balancing act.

On the other hand, there is no minimum screen size for eyetracking. The individual ability to hit small targets determine how small a screen can be. Naturally, the smaller the screen size and the smaller the screen resolution, the smaller are the targets which requires a very good control of your eye gaze.