What would cause a second voice to speak some words in Communicator 5 ?

juin 02, 2020

In Communicator 5 Suite, a sound library from Sono Primo may be interfering with the selected voice and speaking some words with another voice. There are 3 possible ways to remove this. 


 Disable the Sono Primo folder from the Communicator 5 Sound library.

1. Go to Advanced Settings in Communicator 5.
2. In the Sound tab, select Sound Libraries.
3. Select Sono Primo and press the Disable button on the right. 


Remove the Sono Primo Sound Library folder from the program folder

1. Open This PC File Explorer (or My Computer in older Windows versions)
2. Delete this folder:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Sono Suite\Sono Primo\Communicator


Uninstall Sono Primo from Windows.

1. Go to Windows settings  (or Control Panel in older versions).
2. Select Apps (or Programs and features in older versions)
3. Uninstall Sono Primo for Communicator