Which Power supply can be used with the Tobii C-Series?

juillet 29, 2016

The Tobii C-Series requires a power supply that can guarantee a stable power input of 24V +-10%. The power Supply delivered with the Tobii C-Series device or the Tobii C-Series table charger are identical and are tested and certified for use with both device and table charger.

We strongly disencourage the use of any other power supply than the one officially approved by Tobii Dynavox. Our power supplies are specifically tested with the C-Series and are certified as medical device and according to international safety regulations for electronic equipment. The use of any other power supply or modification of the original C-Series power supply can mean loss of warranty, a breach of safety regulations and mean your device is no longer certified for use in medical environments such as hospitals. Tobii Dynavox as a manufacturer will not accept any responsibilities for damages or misfunctions caused by the use of non-certified equipment or modification of our products.

The original power supplies are available as an accessory. If you need an extra power supply, please contact your Tobii Dynavox reseller or sales representative.