WordPower copy to button not working in Compass

mai 22, 2017

The Copy to mode is the action that is used to copy the contents of the message window into a button. It can then be selected at a later time and that content is available for use.

In the Wordpower pagesets the pages were converted from the Series 5 programming. At the time the conversion took place the "CopyToMode" action did not exist. Use the Settings/Editor to edit the copy button. Delete the actions that are there and add "CopyToMode" 

For Picture WordPower - 100
Navigate to the WordGroups button. Select Settings and Editor.
When you are in the editor you will be on the PW master page, there is a thumbnail at the top, this is the popup, select it to open the popup in the editor.

User-added image
When selecting the button, make sure to select the whole button. not just the label or symbol

User-added image Wrong User-added image
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if you are having trouble getting the whole button selected correctly, use the Edit tool and select parent, to select the whole button
PictureWordPower, PWPWordGroups page has a button labeled Copy ,message window. Delete the Select All(), Copy() and MoveCursor(End") actions.

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Once the whole button is selected, select the red properties button. it will look like this. Select the Actions area and use the red trash can to delete these actions.
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In the action search box, type Copy.
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From the list of available action, select the CopyToMode(type, prompt, overwriteActions)

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A popup will appear with InsertMessage or SpeakMessage, select which one you would like.

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Select True or False to show the copy to mode is active, you will see a red bar across the bottom and a red X in the top right corner when  this action is used on the page.

Select True or False to be prompted about overwriting the current contents of the button.

Select Done, Exit and Yes to save.

Now try it out. Type something in the message window, select the Word groups button. select the Copy message window button. Select the button you would like to save to. Clear the message window and select the button that has the saved message.